Brexit Business Consulting – Helping Businesses with a Smooth Transition

Brexit Business Consulting

As the countdown of UK’s exit from the EU moves into the final stages, businesses need to be fully prepared for a transition. The scope of the UK’s disengagement are similar, albeit in a different manner, to the Y2K problem two decades back. The impact on businesses will become a lot more clear, immediately after 29 March 2019, when UK officially ceases to be a member of the EU. However, there is consensus about one aspect – businesses need to be prepared with a slew of changes as the UK leaves the single market, and this needs to be concluded before the deadline.

DNS – your qualified Brexit consultant

Are you lost, with no idea of what will happen, and what needs to be done to be ready for 29 March 2019? Fret not, DNS offers free Brexit Consultation for businesses. We will run you through the finer points of auditing international contracts and redrawing them, we will explain the nuances of VAT regime for non-EU trade and many other aspects that will change when UK leaves the EU. For instance an EU free trade agreement will work to the advantage of certain businesses, while for others it will not be entirely advantageous. This will need closer scrutiny, and appropriate decisions need to be taken after an exhaustive audit process.

Sumit Agarwal, Managing Partner of DNS understands the implications and the intricacies of the system in the context of different areas of business and is one among the more qualified experts to offer professional advice.

Brexit Business Consulting offers a strategic overview of business in the post Brexit scenario

Companies that import goods as part of their business activities will require more liquidity as VAT may will begin to be levied at EU borders. This is a huge difference from present practice where trade within between businesses within EU nations is exempt from VAT. Therefore, businesses need to be better prepared with the required funds. Similarly, every single contract has to be renegotiated as existing contracts do not incorporate the clauses that are necessary for dealing with the new EU and UK customs border. Here are immediate effects of Brexit explained in detail.

Reports suggest that if all EU imports need to be declared, the number of custom forms submitted to HMRC will increase five foldfivefold, because of the need to provide proof of origin. With DNS Brexit Business Consulting, organizations can wade through the complex procedures with a proper action plan in place, right on time for Brexit.

Why scramble? Let DNS Brexit Strategies help iron out the issues

Did you know that if you are an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), you get the ‘trusted trader’ label? It simply means that as a ‘trusted trader’ you will go through far lesser documentary vetting and physical inspections. It means that you will breeze through customs fairly easily, as against a bottlenecked slow clearance for entities that do not have the status.

These are just come of the strategies that we at DNS have in place to help businesses navigate Brexit smoothly. With strong experience in assisting companies comply with HMRC regulations, we are better equipped to help businesses receive AEO status from the HMRC.

We offer specialist Brexit assistance to businesses operating in most sectors

Our specialist services cater to the needs of businesses operating across domains – importers, exporters, education, logistics, manufacturing, supply chains, procurement, technology, digital media etc. Our expertise stems from our collective experience in all things British, with extensive experience on EU legislation. While an air of uncertainty may exist over possible future regulatory frameworks, it is important to understand that changes, when they do occur, will inevitably be on the basis of existing relevant regulations. This is where we hold the aces.

Our strong domain knowledge ensures that we are fully aware of the present rules that apply and are best equipped to assist clients with a strategy or plan to quickly turn compliant with new regulations that will come into effect.

Be forearmed and ready for the transition – it need not necessarily be a mad scramble or an unprepared and desperate attempt to keep your business bottom lines healthy.

Call us on 02035002646 or email us on to book free consultation with Sumit Agarwal. Let’s get ready for March 2019.

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