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Working within Property Sector: Why do you need Specialist Property Tax Adviser

The Importance of a Specialist Property Tax Advisor

A specialist property accountant is the need of the hour whenever it comes to handling your property taxes. When it comes to this industry, there are simply too many things to know and consider in order to ensure that you always stay ahead of the game and are on top of the property taxes of your asset.

You need to consider things like housing associations, developers, letting agents and much more. Irrespective of whether you are a company or an individual seeking the advice of a specialist accountant can stand you in good stead. They will not just help you make the most out of your investment but will also help you protect yourself against non-compliance in the UK tax system which is extremely punitive and complex.

Irrespective of whether you are renting, buying, or investing in a property, you can save yourself from countless pitfalls if you have an expert opinion backing all your decisions. Here are some of the ways in which you could benefit from the services of an accountancy specialist.

Ways in Which Buy-To-Let Landlords Can Benefit from a Specialist Property Accountant

It is possible for Buy-To-Let (BTL) landlords to have one or more properties that generate expense and bring in income for them. In addition to that, they might also consider developing properties or selling them in order to release equity. What’s more, none of these aspects of property tax are as straightforward as they seem. Therefore, you cannot really succeed without knowing all the rules. If you indulge in careful tax planning, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

In order to plan your taxes carefully, you will definitely need the advice of an expert, not just to stay compliant but to reduce the amount of taxes that you would normally have to pay.

There have been several tax reliefs of residential properties according to the recent changes made in the law. This has only helped all kinds of working professionals but can get you where you want to be while tax planning only if you avail the services of an expert accountancy specialist.


It is a good idea to ensure that your accounts for property expenditure and property income are separate at all times. Usually, it is not recommended to mix these two from different sources. In addition to that, the constant changes in taxation would obviously affect the way in which you plan your taxes, and you will be able to recognise all the layers of complexity when it comes to your property taxes. Therefore, you must ensure that you are always informed about the changes so that you do not go into the planning process blind and can make informed decisions to do your property taxes efficiently.

Allowable Expenses

It is important to remember that only in the case you incur your expenses in a “whole and exclusive” manner can you expect them to be deducted. Allowable expenses comprise of the legal fee, letting agent fee, accountant fee, maintenance and repairs, building insurance, gardening as well as other services.

Non-Allowable Expenses

There are some costs associated with letting that are non-allowable. This means that as an individual or a company, it is not possible for you to claim any kind of capital costs like the expenses associated with purchasing a property, furnishing it and making any other improvements to it. That said, you can claim the money for repairs without any problem. It is also possible for you to claim a capital allowance depending on what time of letting you are undergoing.

However, this is a tricky area, and more often than not, it might lead to countless hurdles. This is why it is advised that you take the help of an accountancy specialist who has years of experience in the industry and hence, can guide you on exactly how to approach the property taxes associated with your asset. The best thing about these experts is that they help you make the right decisions according to the needs of your property and consider your circumstances too.


Regardless of how small or big a property you own, some things are best left to the experts. Planning your property taxes especially in the country like the United Kingdom can be a challenging affair. There are a lot of laws and rules that must be complied with in order to plan your property taxes efficiently. In addition to that, it is not just about knowing them but also about understanding and executing all those norms. A property tax, accountancy specialist like DNS Accountants can solve all your worries and help you stay ahead of the curve and meet all your tax obligations with ease. For a free consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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