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Accountants for Manufacturing and Engineering

Accountancy experts specialising in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, provide essential financial expertise to support businesses in this sector and are therefore influential in the planning for the future growth and sustainability of this essential area of the national economy.

A specialist accountant ensures that the manufacturing and/or engineering business is sustainable, efficient, and profitable, and ensures that it has the reserves to be proactive in the future to protect it against competition or shocks to the market. If the business is losing money or falling short of projections, an expert accountant looks at ways to reduce overheads and increase productivity and efficiency. Expert accountants “crunch the numbers” with the objective of building business growth, which is surely the reason why businesses hire an expert accountant in the first place!

The Market

Manufacturing & Engineering Accounting

The manufacturing and engineering sectors face fierce global competition. These industry sectors face specific issues that are central to having a national competitive edge in the global market, but there are also political issues that governments must tackle, such as cheap Chinese steel saturating the global market. Within the engineering and manufacturing industry’s power, however, are some essential considerations, such as decreasing dependency on power by making energy-efficient decisions, training and recruiting an expert workforce, and, in addition, making full use of government incentives that are there to help businesses, but also to protect these industry sectors in the UK.

The UK government offers some generous incentives to the manufacturing and engineering sectors, because the innovations, prestige, and profits these industries generate are central to the UK’s economic growth as a whole, to the country’s world standing, to local economies, and to an extent the country’s security.

A variety of generous tax relief and funding opportunities are worth exploring.

Research and development

Take up of R&D tax relief and credits in the UK has improved, but many businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors still seem to fear that they will not qualify, and without checking whether they do or not, therefore lose out on this generous tax relief. The qualifying conditions are surprisingly wide-ranging, so is the expenditure it can cover.

Claims for R&D tax relief and credits can be made by businesses across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, food processing, engineering, construction, automotive, and pharmaceutical. Relief rates can be as high as 225% and, in addition, SMEs can choose to trade in their R&D losses and receive up to 25 pence for each £1 spent on qualifying R&D. What’s more, R&D capital expenditure can attract 100% allowances.



The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is specifically for investors who are willing to invest in seed companies. It is a tax efficient ways to invest in small companies – from £100,000 to £1,000,000 per person per year in qualifying companies. Investors aside, what must manufacturing and engineering businesses do to be a qualifying company for investment from seed investors? You must:

Capital Allowances

The benefits of hiring an expert accountant, one that specialises in capital allowances, to review the tax relief available for a business in the manufacturing and engineering sector over the last two accounting periods cannot be over-stated.

The tax treatment of manufacturing plant is an important tax planning measure. For example, are you aware that under the UK’s capital allowances provisions some environmentally efficient technologies can qualify for a 100% writing down allowance in the year of acquisition? Did you know that for businesses making a “tax loss” the capital allowances can be surrendered for a cash rebate, and that also, if you are in receipt of R&D relief, you could qualify for such a “tax loss” rebate?

Certain energy-efficient lighting and heating qualifies for the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme, and many items meeting recent energy-efficiency standards used in engineering and manufacturing processes can also qualify, as can certain industrial cooling and refrigeration technologies. Many engineering and manufacturing businesses do not appreciate the importance of analysing their machinery and plant assets to understand what can be classified as “qualifying” under the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme.

If your business has recently invested in new lighting or heating, or has bought new, more efficient motor drives, or modern industrial refrigeration equipment, it might be financially beneficial to check that your assets are working for you with regard to tax as well as energy efficiency.

Expert accountants for Manufacturing and Engineering

With knowledge of the issues faced by the manufacturing and engineering sectors, DNS ensures you are compliant while looking for ways to maximise profitability and minimise tax. Our award-winning services include six-day-a-week opening, access to Nomisma, our cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting software, limitless advice, a named account manager, and many more benefits. DNS places strong focus on R&D and seed enterprise initiatives, as well as providing expert tax-planning advice to make sure businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors take informed long-term decisions for growth and sustainability in the future.

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