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Planning on starting up a business? Then you need Start-up Business Planning service. Without any doubt, businesses that take advantage of the expertise of an accountant from the moment they start planning starting a business succeed better than businesses that don’t. DNS has helped hundreds of businesses start up and then helped them flourish.

Success in business is not only down to the product or service on offer. It is not only about the great idea behind the business; nor is it down to luck or lack of it.

Quite simply, the secret to business success is down to effective and objective planning, organization, and management; success is also down to having the expertise in business, finance, and accountancy, having a grip of all the laws and legislation, and knowing about all the pitfalls as well as the legal loopholes.

We help start-ups flourish, from the initial idea to business plan to incorporation to start of trading. We have some incredible strengths of its own:

Start Up Business Planning

Starting Your Business

DNS hand-holds as much as necessary in the first days, weeks, months, and years; from inception we ensure minimization of stresses on the business related to cash-flow and overspending, because we like to ensure these stresses never occur in the first place, or are at least that they are minimized by robust financial management.

Our Start-up Business Planning Service includes:

Business Infrastructure:

Business Infrastructure

Our fully integrated bookkeeping and accounting software has a CRM component built in, but we also offer video production services and website-building services to support all your marketing needs.

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